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Student Work

RFA 1 - Detection & Identification

"Advanced Sensing Research"

The goal of RFA 1 is to advance existing analytical tools for traditional pollutants, while also developing methods to identify, characterize and quantify previously unknown contaminants of concern, so that we may assess environmental stressors to aquatic organisms and systems.

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RFA 2 - Fate & Transport

 "Pollutant Tracing Research"

Research conducted in RFA 2 will determine the water-based transport, fate, and environmental impact of contaminants across three major land-use boundaries in South Florida (agricultural, urban and natural) under current and potentially changing environmental conditions.

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RFA 3 - Impacts & Visualization

 "Risk Assessment Research"

RFA 3 supports data-intensive research on aquatic environments by developing transformative and scalable methods for data mining and management, as well as advanced modeling and visualization, in order to guide and inform policy and decision-making.

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