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CAChE Discovery 1: Research in Aquatic Ecosystems

This course gives undergraduate students firsthand experience with scientific research, using a range of locally-relevant data from South Florida's unique aquatic ecosystems. Listed as BSC-2990 and taught by Dr. Sarah Eddy, Discovery 1 begins in the Fall 2017 semester.

Summer 2017 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Congratulations to our very first cohort of REU students on an amazing summer of accomplishments! Ten weeks saw soil core sampling in the mangroves of Puerto Rico, air boat rides through the Everglades, educational boat trawls in the estuaries of Ten Thousand Islands, a panel of experts giving advice on future degrees and craeers in STEM fields, and more!

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six students line up for a photo in front of a fountain at FIU

Educational Objectives

Graduate Opportunities and Training

Interact with academic, government, and industry partners across disciplines and participate in training in aquatic chemistry and environmental research, as well as data analytics.

Student Research: Field to Lab

Work with researchers to evaluate chemical and non-chemical stressors and ecosystem responses and use data analytic tools to synthesize this information visually for broader applications and use by decision-makers.

Professional Development Funding

Over the first 5 years, a minimum of 30 graduate students will be supported, with another 15-30 students to be partially funded and/or participating. Each year, a minimum of 30 additional (non-CREST CAChE) students are expected to attend professional development workshops

Expand Your Knowledge

We provide educational opportunities and professional training for students, faculty, and researchers.

Discovery 1: Research

Offered in Fall and Spring beginning in 2017, Discovery One is a free one-credit course for undergraduate students that will recruit undergraduate freshmen and sophomores from all majors to CREST CAChE.

Undergraduates will:

  • Conduct research using existing datasets related to environmental issues in South Florida.
  • Experience the challenges and rewards that scientists encounter throughout their careers.
  • Write competitive applications to graduate schools, NSF Graduate Fellowships and resumes.

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Discovery 2: CAChE Careers

Offered in Spring and Fall beginning in 2018, Discovery 2 is a free one-credit course for undergraduate students who took Discovery 1, as well as others with permission.

  • The course will prepare students for graduate schools and careers, through hands-on professional development training.
  • Students will write applications for graduate schools, NSF Graduate Research Fellowships, and develop their own professional resumes.
  • All applications will be reviewed by CREST CAChE faculty and graduate students, who will provide feedback.

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Join the Team

Hone your skills and be a part of CREST CAChE. We are currently recruiting for multiple graduate student fellows to join CREST. Check out the mentors in our Research & Training section. Choose your mentor and let us know your interest. Students must be a US citizen or permanent resident to receive a CREST fellowship.