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CREST Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship is a chance for students to get firsthand research experience working with faculty and graduate students on topics related to the CREST CAChE program. Accepted students are paid to work in CREST laboratories where they will gain valuable skills and experience that can be listed on their resume. Students will work 10-20 hours per week, depending on projects and their schedule. Undergrad Research Fellows are able to apply during both Fall and Spring semesters.

Fall 2019 applications are due July 31st, 2019.

Spring 2020 applications are due October 31st, 2019. 

Apply here!

students working with tanks of fish

Join the Team

Hone your skills and be a part of CREST CAChE. We are currently recruiting for multiple graduate student fellows to join CREST. Check out the mentors in our Research & Training section. Choose your mentor and let us know your interest. Students must be a US citizen or permanent resident to receive a CREST fellowship.

Summer Research Fellowship Archives

CREST CAChE Summer Research Fellowship it's an opportunity for undergraduate students to gain firsthand research experience working with faculty and student mentors associated with the CREST CAChE project.

students on boat trips

Our first cohort of Summer Research Fellows had an amazing summer of accomplishments! Ten weeks saw soil core sampling in the mangroves of Puerto Rico, air boat rides through the Everglades, educational boat trawls in the estuaries of Ten Thousand Islands, panels of experts with advice on future degrees/careers in STEM fields, research-based games with elementary students, and much more!