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Seven million inhabitants of South Florida are critically tied to the Greater Everglades. The area's main source of freshwater, which also neighbors a large expanse of agriculture, is vulnerable because of our interconnected waterways. Across natural, agricultural, and urban landscapes through a highly complex network, contaminants are transported.

Through our research, we convey the impacts of contamination to policy and decision makers. We give them the tools to make a difference in ecosystem health and human wellbeing. By fostering student engagement, we increase the number of well-qualified science professionals, build students’ identities as scientists and guide them to becoming effective science communicators, with practice presenting their results to local communities.

Areas to Support


CREST-CAChE is looking to expand our facilities to allow for further scientist and student research success.


Additional space allows for more personnel that will help us achieve our goals – from renowned visiting faculty to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.


Sampling for contaminants requires various types of equipment from Portable Carbon analyzers and Hydrolabs (YSI Sondes) to Isco samplers and flow meters.

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