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In collaboration with the Coral Gables Museum’s education program, students with CREST and FIU’s Institute of Environment have created a series of educational activities for elementary and middle school children. These activities cover a range of topics reflective of our students’ research, and each sheet is meant to educate younger audiences about the natural world in their backyard of south Florida, as well as how to preserve it.

All “Science Activate” sheets are available as printable PDFs which can be downloaded below.

Elementary (K-5)

Florida's Cat: the Panther | Work by Lili Dominguez, Maria Paula

Mr. Manatee Work by Valeria Paz, Lili Dominguez, Arianna Maxwell, Maria Paula

Sargassum Work by Lowell A. Iporac, Samantha Olszak, Lili Dominguez, Arianna Maxwell

Peri-what? Work by  Lowell A. Iporac, Lili Dominguez

Gator Holes | Work by Bradley Strickland,  Lili Dominguez

Ally-gator | Work by Lili Dominguez


Florida's species collage