Biscayne Bay Data: Water Watch

Through our institute's research, we’ve identified some of the factors leading to the degradation of Biscayne Bay water quality. In collaboration with our partners, we are implementing solutions to improve the resilience and sustainability of our beautiful bay.


  • University of Miami:  Data collected by the IBBEAM program since 2008. The program surveys water quality and biological indicators (SAV, mangrove fish, epifauna) once during the dry and wet seasons at 47 sites along the shoreline from Matheson to Turkey pt. View here.
  • University of Miami: Data collected on Friday, Sep 11  on a Seakeepers boat with a YSI sonde from thirteen locations in North Biscayne Bay from the Venetian Basin up to the Biscayne Canal. 
  • um-data2.png  um-data1.png um-data3.pngbiscayne-bay-oxygen-survey-map.jpg