Housed in the Southeast Environmental Research Center (SERC)

A key component of the Institute for Water and the Environment (InWe), the Center for Aquatic Chemistry and the Environment (CAChE) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Center of Research Excellence in Science and Technology (CREST) that tackles one of the most complex challenges: environmental contamination. Our research addresses the sources, transport, transformation and ecosystem responses to contaminants, pollutants and other natural stressors, under changing land-use and environmental conditions. Pollutants - like pesticides, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nutrients, oil, and metals - are having devastating effects on ecosystems and the plants, animals and humans who depend on them. 


Participate in working with advanced chemical sensing technology for the environment

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Assist in quantifying how contaminants are moving through South Florida's ecosystems

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Data Analysis

Develop methods (synthesis, visualization, and modeling) to assess South Florida's aquatic ecosystem

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PhD Fellowships Available

We are currently recruiting for multiple graduate student fellows to join CREST who want hone their skills and experience. Check out the mentors in our Research & Training section. Choose your mentor and let us know your interest. Students must be a US citizen or permanent resident to receive a CREST fellowship.


Preserve Our Fragile Ecosystems

Support CREST’s graduate student fellowships in our fight to protect our region’s water quality