Francisco Febronio Pena

Resiliency Project Manager, South Florida Water Management District


RFA: Fate & Transport

Research: 2D hydraulic modeling, urban flood risk, floodplain terrain analysis, fluvial geomorphology

Advisers: Assefa Melesse, Fernando Nardi

Joined CREST CAChE in Summer 2019

Most coastal urban flood models are run separately, failing to capture a full understanding of the interaction between physical variables, urban floodplain, and soil infiltration with the overland flow and storm surge flooding to produce accurate flood risk assessments. My research aims to address this issue by developing state-of-the-art case studies using a quasi-2D hydraulic model (FLO-2D) to integrate the four main components during extreme rainfall events: surface runoff, storm drain systems, coastal surge and groundwater effect. The city of Palermo (Italy) and Miami (USA) will act as pilot study cities to depict the flood flow propagation dynamics in coastal urban environments.