Nicholas Castillo

PhD Student, Earth and Environment


RFA: Fate & Transport

Research: Bonefish Contaminant Study 

Adviser: Jennifer Rehage

Joined CREST CAChE in Summer 2018

I am a graduate student in the department of Earth and the Environment pursuing my Ph.D. As a member of Dr. Rehage's lab, my primary interests lie in fish ecology and ecotoxicology with my project focusing on the impacts of contaminants to the South Florida Bonefish population utilizing a spatial approach of analysis. Following graduation from Duke University with a degree in Environmental Science and Policy and a concentration in Marine Science Conservation and Leadership, I moved to Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys to teach marine science at an experiential learning school called the Newfound Harbor Marine Institute. After teaching for one year, I moved to Islamorada where I worked as a full-time backcountry/inshore fishing guide for two years, specializing on the entirety of Florida Bay, Biscayne Bay, and the Upper Keys. I seek to take my passion for conservation and knowledge of the intricacies of the Florida Keys fishery and apply it to the study and management of the Bonefish fishery. I am incredibly excited about my partnership with CREST and look forward to the collaborations with other exceptional individuals during this valuable experience.

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