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Education & Training

One of our Center's main objectives is in discovery-based education: introducing students to authentic science and research, while training them to increase their opportunities with career pathways in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. From our undergraduate Discovery courses to summer programs providing Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) and support funding for graduate students, the CREST CAChE team is dedicated to helping students find their path in science.

Educational Mission

Our educational mission is to increase the number of students pursuing graduate STEM degrees - especially those from underrepresented communities - and ultimately increase the number of well-qualified professionals pursuing related careers.

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Graduate Opportunities and Training

Interact with academic, government, and industry partners across disciplines and participate in training in aquatic chemistry and environmental research, as well as data analytics.

Student Research: Field to Lab

Work with researchers to evaluate chemical and non-chemical stressors and ecosystem responses and use data analytic tools to synthesize this information visually for broader applications and use by decision-makers.

Professional Development Funding

Over the first 5 years, a minimum of 30 graduate students will be supported, with another 15-30 students to be partially funded and/or participating. Each year, a minimum of 30 additional (non-CREST CAChE) students are expected to attend professional development workshops

Training and Professional Development

Our faculty are dedicated to advancing research and educational change that uses the latest evidence-based instructional practices to better prepare our students to begin their careers.

Hands-On Learning

We are increasing opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to conduct their own authentic research while advancing ongoing aquatic and environmental projects, using data analytics tools, methodologies, and ecological risk assessments. With our diverse student population, we have a unique opportunity to encourage and engage students who are traditionally underrepresented in science and engineering fields.


Multidisciplinary Guidance

In collaboration with the STEM Transformation Institute, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) experts across FIU will mentor and train students to be future researchers and environmental professionals.

Expand Your Knowledge

We provide educational opportunities and professional training for students, faculty, and researchers.

CAChE Discovery 1: Research in Aquatic Ecosystems

Offered in Fall and Spring semesters, Discovery 1 is for undergraduate students interested in research experience and learning about the science of South Florida's aquatic environments!

Students will:

  • Gain hands-on experience with scientific research, network with graduate students and professors, and learn about opportunities in STEM degrees and careers.
  • Experience first-hand the challenges and rewards that scientists may encounter throughout their careers and acquire skills that will help you build your academic and professional career.

CAChE Discovery 2: Professional Pathways in Aquatic and Environmental Science

Offered in Fall and Spring semesters, Discovery 2 is for undergraduate students interested in developing their professional skills and learning about the many pathways to exciting careers in science!

Students will:

  • Work with faculty and graduate mentors to begin to carve their own pathways to professional work in STEM fields.
  • Gain confidence and experience in writing competitive applications, crafting strong resumes, and discovering career options.

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