Milagros Munoz Salas

PhD Student, Earth & Environment


Advisor: Dr. Amir Khoddamzadeh

My interest lies in searching for new alternatives to contribute to the economic growth of the horticultural industry, and above all to preserve various species of ornamental plants that are threatened as a consequence of climate change. The focus of my dissertation opens new opportunities for the industry, enabling the cultivation of ornamental plants in previously inhospitable conditions by combining the advancement of micropropagation techniques to optimize the production of two economically significant plant species: Musa haekkinenii and Anthurium cubense. Additionally, the impact of climate change on ornamental plants in South Florida is critical, encompassing increased frequency and intensity of heat waves, changes in precipitation patterns, and sea level rise, leading to saltwater intrusion and flooding. These factors can have detrimental effects on the growth, flowering, and survival of ornamental plants. For that reason, my research also delves into how climate change is affecting crucial environmental factors, such as light and water quality, and salt concentrations, which impact plant growth and physiology, addressing critical challenges in the ornamental plant industry.