The CREST Center for Aquatic Chemistry and Environment promotes interdisciplinary collaboration within FIU and beyond, to address the local and regional issues of environmental contamination. Over the course of this project, CREST CAChE will provide various tools to aid both internal and external partners in this collaborative work.

The Resources page will serve as a portal to the Center’s products and outcomes, including information from the original CREST CAChE proposal, presentation slides about the Center and its projects, application information for interested students, funding forms for current participants, citation information, research publications, and project databases.

Only CREST-supported students may apply to receive additional funding for travel, supplies, etc.


Flower, H., M. Rains, D. Lewis, J. Zhang, and R. Price. 2017. Saltwater intrusion as potential driver of phosphorus release from limestone bedrock in a coastal aquifer (2016). Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. 10.1016/j.ecss.2016.11.013


Here are the different variations of our standardized CAChE and CREST CAChE logos.