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Research Experience for Undergraduates

The CREST CAChE undergraduate research fellows (CAChE Fellows) program provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to gain first-hand research experience working with faculty and graduate students associated with the CAChE project. In addition, CAChE Fellows will be enrolled in the CREST Research Internship (for zero credit at no cost) so they can list their research experience on their resume. Fellows can perform research during the academic year or during the summer session.

Undergraduate Research Fellows Program

During the Summer program, CAChE Fellows will participate in 10-week paid research fellowship, at either the MMC or BBC campuses of FIU. The summer stipend will be $5,000 for successful completion of the 10-week program. CAChE Fellows will be housed on campus, if needed, and are expected to spend 40 hours per week pursuing their assigned project. In addition, CAChE Fellows will attend cohort sessions with other undergraduate researchers where they will learn professional skills, practice poster and oral presentations, and engage with panels of STEM professionals from a number of different career paths. CAChE Fellows will present their results in a poster session at the annual CREST CAChE Symposium at the end of the summer and are encouraged to also present at a relevant national scientific conference. Applications must be received by April 15, 2017. Successful applicants will be notified no later than April 30, 2017. 


  • Eligibility


    Applications will be accepted from undergraduate students in any discipline/major related to CREST CAChE's research areas. Potential CAChE Fellows must be U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or permanent residents of the United States, should have completed at least two semesters of coursework in CAChE­related topics, and must plan to be full time students for at least two consecutive semesters after the summer program (eg., Fall 2017 and Spring 2018).

  • Research Areas

    Research Areas

    Learn more about CREST CAChE's research thrusts by clicking here.

  • Applicant Selection Process

    Applicant Selection Process

    The CREST CAChE Leadership team will review candidate applications. Successful applicants will be selected based on:

    1. Their scholarly record (e.g. relevant classes, grades, research and other experience)
    2. The alignment of student interests, goals, and availability with CREST CAChE mentors.
  • Application Details and Deadlines

    Application Details and Deadlines

    • Applications for the Semester program are accepted any time.
    • Applications for the Summer program must be received by 5 pm ET on March 30, 2017. Successful applicants will be notified no later than April 15, 2017
    • Please fill out the application below and email to

REU Events Calendar


Check back here for updates on upcoming REU events throughout our 10-week program. We have a number of events planned for our students, including labwork with their groups and mentors, workshops, professional development sessions, student cohort meetings, field trips, social gatherings and a final symposium where students will give a formal presentation of their research projects.